Why do people believe things without evidence?


The fear of death.

I have oft wondered why Theists and Polytheists believe utter nonsense without a single shred of evidence or even the crutch of personal experience to fall back on. But after a comment on one of my videos provoked a bout of thinking (STFU I have been know to think from time to time……. well sometimes, OK there was this one time, but I diverse…..)

I arrived at a startling conclusion, the thing that drives religions, the thing that differentiates Agnostics and Atheists from Theists and Polytheists, their attitude to Death.

First I must outline my own views on this most divisive of subjects… Why fight the inevitable? And I truly believe that we all have within us the opportunity to have a kind of immortality, through our offspring and the offspring of our siblings.

Some part of us has the chance to live on, and for the lucky few that will progress into the future for aeons. So death is something which should be accepted for what it is, and believe me at my age I have seen my fair share.

Religious views on Death vary, but have one thing in common, they view Death as an advesary, they can’t face the prospect of a personal end, they fear the Reaper, and they are weakened by this.

They live for a tomorrow that may never come, they fritter their life away in the service of some phantom deity in the hope of cheating the second law of thermodynamics! Sadly this is a futile and narcissistic pursuit. Whereas Agnostics and Atheists accept reality and live in the Here and Now.

So my advice, for what it is worth, is to live life in the clear and certain understanding that this is it! You only get one go, so for goodness sake make the most of the time you have.



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