War! What is it good for?……

During a recent exchange a Theist who asserted moral superiority over me by dint of his moral code being supplied by an imaginary Being for which there is not a shred of evidence, cited wars carried out by secular states which are immoral according to him, as proving that secular societies and those who support them are morally inferior to Theists. There are a few problems with his argument, primarily the obvious fact that his invisible sky daddy of choice allows rape, murder, and child abuse, as well as ordering Holy War against anybody who gets in their way. But there is also the fact that not all wars are bad, consider Kosovo, the war against Hitler The American Civil War and The Cold War, and not all bad wars are entirely bad. What do I mean by that last statement, not all bad wars are entirely bad?

Consider if you will the modern world we live in and take a few of the many things we take for granted.

Do you own a Mobile Phone? Chances are you do, and where did the technology behind this modern wonder come from? Born of the desire to clear the fog of war in the fast moving battles of WW2. The field radios had by 1946 spawned the first Car Phone, and by 1973 thanks to The Cold War and its accompanying Space Race hand held devices appeared, the rest is history.

The Computer you are reading this on also owes its existence to the work of Alan Turing and his need in WW2 for computing power to crack German codes, the Third Reich’s need to keep tabs on the Jews and the Space Race spurred on by the Cold War which shrunk the room sized computer into a few microchips, the data for this Blog is being streamed over the World Wide Web, constructed in the Cold War to enable secure communications after a Nuclear Strike.

It is a sad fact that wars breed technological advancements, Steel was created to make weapons first, its modern uses are just an afterthought, Rockets were originally weapons of Mass Destruction long before they were instruments of exploration, and Jet Engines were made for war, not for international travel.

Yes war is hell, all wars even the justified ones, but war is not inherently immoral, and even the immoral ones can have positive ramifications for humankind that far outweigh the short term negative effects. It is not a pleasant truth, but not all truths are pleasant.

And here is where we get to the crux of the matter, where we expose the difference between Theists and rational thinkers. Theists see the world in monochrome, Good and Evil, Wrong and Right, Moral and Immoral, Us and Them and Pure and Impure. Rational thinkers see the world in colour Better and Worse, Plausible and Less plausible, Advantageous and Disadvantageous and all the levels in between. Yes War can be a bad thing, but it isn’t always so, and Peace can be a good thing, but there has been peace in North Korea for decades. I for one prefer a world in glorious Technicolor, not for me a 2D bland world of Black and White.

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